zmgtow comments & forum policy

No cursing

Since many years, I notice that men came to the Internet to express their anger against women. Meanwhile, in the Western World, there have never been as many male bashing, men humiliation, scams. Consequently, when you want to write a comment please don’t curse and share your experience. Even if you are not in a relationship, I am sure there are couples around you and you can observe what’s happening. The rants on anti misandry forums and on youtube from Angry MTGOW are useless because the society has never been as gynocentric as today.

Think about the male brotherhood

Because of the macho culture, we men are programmed to compete with each other. For instance, in the comments, the guys will criticize each other with strong words. If you visit a website of a female magazine, you will see that under any articles, women support each other. In other words, there is no brotherhood but there is something like a sisterhood. We should change our culture and have a real brotherhood, a MGTOW brotherhood where men think about their interest in interactions with women. Judging other men is useless. Sharing useful information,

People that we will ban

  • People who curse
  • People who are disrespectful to other men