MGTOW Relationship advice for men

Why men are the first victims of the macho culture

macho manIn this podcast, I explain why the machismo culture is counter-productive, dangerous & makes no sense in the context of dating & relationships with women. I also talk a little bit about the Alpha male, this simplistic idea used by some people to make you believe that behaving like a chimp, a Wolfe or a Lion would solve all your problems with women.

By the way, don’t think that the machismo culture is an issue of Latin America. Whether you are married ou single, this can affect you.

In fact, you may patronize women (female strangers, daughters or wives) without really being aware of it. I explain why patronizing women will only bring trouble.

The Spencer Stone’s case

One striking example¬†is the Spencer Stone’s case, one of the heroes who stopped the terrorist attack on the Thalys train between Brussels and Paris in 2015. Few weeks after it, he was at home in Sacramento, when he saw a woman and a man arguing at the corner of the street. The woman was hitting the man with a plastic bag and the man answered by punching her in the face. Spencer Stone went down to protect the woman. Then, he has been surrounded by several men and been stabbed. He went to a hospital and suffered serious injuries. On the other hand, the woman involved suffered minor injuries only.¬†

In other words, Spencer Stone has been more injured that the woman he wanted to save. That’s how you are rewarded when you want to play the Good Samaritan & save women. On the other hand, in the USA, Response to 911 emergency call is 10 minutes.