Dating advice for men

Where to meet beautiful women?

interrogationDon’t think the most beautiful women are the most difficult to seduce. They are just as difficult as other women. The only difference lies in accessibility. The most beautiful women are hard to meet because they simply don’t go out to public places anymore like in the 70ties. They don’t need to look for friends because people naturally come to them.

They don’t need to come online because people naturally come to them in real life. Beautiful women will never join a dating website because potential male partners will naturally come to her. Don’t lower your expectations in regards to women.

In fact, since beautiful women don’t need to socialize, you don’t need to go to social places. On the other hand, you should go where women like to go like a beautician. Today, we are lucky; beauticians have services for men. So, think out of the box and go where women go.

The TV makes you believe that you can find good looking women everywhere. But in the morning at the local breakfast bar, you will never see any beautiful women (except the maid perhaps). Beautiful women don’t go to bars & nightclubs. They don’t need. They are invited by people in private parties, or they prefer to stay at home in front of their home cinema.

Jobs, hobbies & sports that are said to be jobs, hobbies, sports for women will lead you to pick up places where you can find women in the day.