What is RMGTOW?

It means Reasonable Men Going Their Own Way

I have created this movement because I didn’t like the approach of other MGTOW men who advise men to go monk. I think their ideology is not sustainable because it encourages men not to have children. On the other hand, I encourage men to have a relationship with a woman while following some basic rules.

  1. Protect and preserve your own sovereignty
  2. Think about your own interest in a heterosexual relationship
  3. Preserve your assets and your health in a heterosexual relationship
  4. Don’t hand over your sentimental life to a woman
  5. Plan and shape your heterosexual relationship with a woman
  6. Embed those rules into your mind to follow them all your life anytime
  7. If you have a daughter, educate her to respect men and be independent of men

I think it is possible to have a relationship and protect yourself at the same time.


During dating, it is important to tell a woman upfront what you want and you don’t want in your relationship.

For the future:

If we, MGTOW men have no children, their ideology has no future. This is important to teach daughters to be financially independent of men, to solve their problems on their own and make part of the heavy chores. MGTOW fathers should teach their sons to be aware of female predators techniques and never be white knights.