The scams of Ukrainian dating agencies

There are numerous scams around Ukrainian dating agencies. The biggest amount of scams can be found on their websites. The dating scams phenomenon is so big in Ukraine so that the US embassy of Ukraine has dedicated a page about it.

Online dating scams

There are reports of women who provide pictures for dating agencies but who aren’t willing to join the dating agency. Then, a translator writes a description and she or even he interacts with the customer. On the other hand, the customer thinks that he chats with a beautiful lady but he chats with another woman or even a man.

Restaurant scams

A woman met through a dating agency chooses a restaurant for the man. Then they go there with a human translator. The man does not know that the woman gets a commission on the restaurant the bill. The translator is also paid. It is possible that the woman gets a commission on the translator revenue.

Speed dating event scams

In Ukraine, several dating agencies plan speed dating events in Kiev and Odessa. They tell you that you will meet 400 single women but in fact, you will meet 100 single women and 300 actresses. Wages are so low so that it is easy to hire actresses.
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Below you can find videos of Ukrainian former scammers:

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