The importance of a prepaid mastercard for Global Dating

When you decide to travel to another country it is better to have several methods of payment in case something goes wrong. Your main bank card may not work and it is always good to have a backup bank card. For some reasons, some bank cards can’t be accepted by some readers. On top of that, prepaid MasterCard can be useful as a safety measure. When you go out somewhere, it is better to leave your main bank card in a lockbox or in a hidden place and bring your prepaid MasterCard with you. Consequently, if you lose it it is not a drama. At least it is less a problem than when you lose your main bank card. Also, if the bank card is stolen, it is not a problem.

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The solution: Epayservice prepaid MasterCard

Epayservice provides plastic prepaid MasterCard in EUROS and USD. You can top-up your card by transferring money using a SEPA transfer, a wire transfer, an ACH transfer. Then, the account has a USD and a euro wallet as well. When you receive the money, it is deposited into the wallet first. Then, you transfer it to the MasterCard you want. You can have two MasterCards, one USD, and one Euro account.

It comes with a mobile application and you can top up the card whenever you want from the mobile application. It means that you transfer money from one of the wallets to the prepaid bank card.

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