The facts behind the false rape culture.

For your information, between 1978 and 1987, sociologist Eugene Kanin studied rape reports in a small midwestern town. During this period, at this particular location, there were 109 reported sexual assaults. Among those 109 sexual assaults, he found out that 41% were false reports.
According to a French Policeman interviewed by a journalist in Normandy, France stated, 7 to 8 rape cases out of 10 rape accusations were false. He complained that it cost lots of money because of the investigation and analysis that require several people to work on the case. In this article, Prosecutor Jean-Claude Belot explained the background of the issue. He stated that women who go out to nightclubs on their own could cheat on their boyfriend or husband. If he found out, the cheating girlfriend or wife made up a story saying she was raped.
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