Spy cameras selection to protect you from false rape & sex abuse accusations

spycam carkeyToday, many women accuse men of false rape accusations or false sexual abuse allegations. Whether you want to protect yourself from your girlfriend, your wife or a date it is always good to have evidence of what happened. If there are any legal downside related to the recording of people in your country, I would like to tell you there is nothing worse than being accused of being a rapist or a sexual predator. Before you are dismissed by a justice court, once the newspaper gets the story, then people judge you.
Technology can help you to prevent from being sued for nothing. Spy cams may be helpful to every man in any situations. It can be at the office, at a friend’s place, on a vacation, in a foreign country… Spy cams are now cheap so that I suggest you to buy several of them if needed. Different types of Spy cams (pen, keychain, alarm clock, eyeglasses) are different for different types of situations.

Spy cams Review:

Today, there are many different types of spy cams. A specific type of spy cams may better suits a particular situation than another one.  Prior to buying a spy cam, there are 5 points to check.
  1. Filming quality under low light conditions (indoor)
  2. Sound quality to catch conversations with a woman.
  3. Battery autonomy
  4. Recording time
  5. It should have no blinking lights, no displayed USB ports.
I advise buying several spy cams to record your conversations with women that you don’t trust. Since spy cams are not expensive. Buy several of them because those spy cams aren’t reliable as pro HD camcorders. People request bulletproof evidence from men. However, in this world, women are considered victims and innocent by default while men are considered to be offenders and guilty. In this context, the spy cam recordings are priceless.

Keychain Spycams:

Keychains are expected to be mobile so that you can position it several times to film a situation. From what we have seen it is required to be quite close to the person you talk to in order to have a good audio and understand the conversation. Most of the time, if the person is 6 foot from you, you may not hear this person. That’s why you should check the audio quality of the keychain you buy.


Spy pen cameras:

Spy Pen cams are also a good solution because it’s an object of everyday’s life. Nevertheless, we noticed that all the spy cam pens have a major downside. Most of them come with a status light. It is obvious somebody is recording. If you put a black tape on it is going to be obvious as well. Many of them have a poor sound recording quality. Whatever the brand of the pen, the issues are always the same: limited autonomy and poor sound quality. Spy cam pens can be useful but don’t expect too much of it. The pen below has a 60 minutes recording autonomy.

I chose the following spy cam pen because there is no blinking light and the storage is 16gb.


Spy cam alarm clocks:

The Spy cam alarm clocks are the most efficient way to record any situations.Usually they microphones can peak a conversation in a whole room. For sure, the only downside related to an alarm clock is that it is not expected to be mobile. If you move, your interlocutor will see it your intent. Some of those alarm clocks have a loop recorder which can be useful as well.

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Spy Eyeglasses cameras:

Eyeglasses are really good if you wear some because usually when you talk to a woman, she is not far away from you. Wearing eyeglasses with spy cam is great to record a conversation and also film the behavior of the woman in front of you.

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USB charger camera:

This one is also good. It looks like a smartphone charger and features motion detection. The little pinhole is the camera lens. You can plug it into the wall and also plug your smartphone to it just like it would be a regular smartphone charger. Then, if someone moves in front of it, it will start recording the scene. The 32Gb storage is quite useful in this case.


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