Information about Picking-up Spanish women in Spain

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spanish brunette faceBack in 2007, I lived in Madrid, here are my observations about local women.

Here is what I noticed:

  • Beautiful Spanish women don’t go out too much in the night. You will see them in the day doing shopping on Friday and Saturday afternoon. You will never find the day beauties during the night.
  • During the night, women are outnumbered by men. I have often seen “frustrated” local men following cute women on the street. There were trying to chat them up as they were walking. It was like those Spanish men were desperate to talk to a woman.
  • The number of beautiful Spanish women is lower than we think. After being used to all beautiful Spanish women on screen, I have been really disappointed to see there were way less beautiful women that I thought. Spanish women that we see in movies aren’t representative of the local female population.


Spain is the only country where I did not have any affairs with any local women. Interestingly enough, I had three Spanish girlfriends while living in London. Spanish women are more accessible out of Spain than inside Spain. I think it is due to the fact that spanish women are found at inaccessible networks in their own country. Nevertheless, two cities are better than others in Spain. That’s Sevilla and Malaga.

I encourage you to buy my Ebook about Spain and also my list of day pick-up places. I have neglected day pick-up places in Spain. However, I think that’s the play where you should do.

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  1. Paula Delgado on

    I am spanish woman.I think is allways easy find new people outside of your own country, because basicly you are alone and you want to meet and know about the area, Is true that we,Madrileñas are not easy , we dont used to go with anybody and by tradition we are more conservative but not allways.I allways love to meet people from outside but is hard becausei dont like go out at night often.But we can be good friends and good company as a city guider.
    Is like when you go out with friends, is nice if someone cute offer you a drink but if that doesn t happend, enjoy the place, music and of course of your friends.If you are looking just to go to bed with someone you are going to lose , the good of what is happening around you.

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