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Are there lots of beautiful Latin-American women in Spain?

Are there lots of South-American women in Spain?

Guys from USA or North of Europe may believe that Spain is full of sexy South American women because of its so-called cultural proximity. I say “so-called” because there is no cultural proximity between Spain and South-America. Spain is really a western European country. South-American countries have nothing from western European countries. I went out to South American nightclubs of Madrid owned by South American immigrants and I think I have seen there the ugliest women of Spain.

Nevertheless, it was good because I learned a lot of things. South American women who aren’t beautiful with no degree often learn a European language and move to Europe. In Spain, you will never see the beautiful Latin American woman that you could see in Argentina, Colombia or Venezuela.

Beautiful Latin American female migrants get committed quickly in Europe

As long as you haven’t beenĀ to Latin America, you don’t know LatinĀ American girls. South-American women who moved to USA, Canada or Western European countries are a special kind. The most beautiful Latin American women get married very quickly in their country or at least, they meet their American, European boyfriend in South America.

By the way, 100% of the beautiful Latin American women I have met in Western Europe were wives of european men they met back in Latin America. For instance, I have met two Brazilian women who met their boyfriend in South America. The boyfriends brought them back to Europe. When I have met those women, I have tried to pick them up. However, there was nothing to do. In fact, this issue happened to me with all the South American women that I have met in Europe. Those girls are extremely faithful and there is nothing much you can do when they are about to marry a man.

You will also never find the most beautiful single South-American in Europe or USA. I think that European countries, USA and Canada attract a special kind of single women. Somebody who is culturally closer to the American or European culture.

If you want to date a hot South American woman, there is no other way than learning a bit of Spanish and buying a flight ticket to Colombia, Argentina or Venezuela.