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Back in 2006, I tried in order to see whether was valuable or not for people who looked for a good date. At that time, The website was full of weird members. I remember I’ve met a transgender online at that time. I tested once again at the end of 2013. It was slightly better but to me, all online dating websites are a waste of time. In fact, using the search tool, I have been able to find women that I knew on Quite interestingly, those women were among the least sexually blossomed in my network of people.

The quality of members profiles:

One of the today’s online dating sites issue is related to the number of fake profiles. is today one of the online dating sites where there is the smallest number of fake profiles. I think it is due to the support team who is very responsive at deleting fake profiles and scammers profiles. On the other hand, websites like, Zoosk, are you interested? and Badoo is packed with profiles from under-aged, men who impersonate women, scammers, and gold diggers. Nevertheless, I wonder if they delete inactive profiles. Usually, online dating websites don’t delete women profiles so that it makes believe they have many active women online in their database.

Strength in numbers: is one of the online dating websites that count the biggest number of members. From our own experience, we think it is very important. Conversely, niche websites are useless because there are no enough members to meet someone in your local area. At, you can date women in your local area or in a remote country. Whether you plan to go for local dating or global dating, there is always a solution for you. notice can be helpful to gather information from women in other countries.

The search tool: also has an embedded search tool that is very powerful because you can filter women by physical attributes, occupation and lifestyle choices. As compared to other websites like (POF), it is much more interesting because there are many women who spent the time to really fill out their online profile form. I don’t know any other online dating websites where there is so much information about a particular member.