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How to pick up a French woman in Paris?

Are you fearless? Do you want to try to pick up the most difficult women on earth? Welcome to France! For your information, I am a Frenchman.

First of all, print business cards with your name or your pen name, occupation (an occupation that is bankable), email, your Facebook link, perhaps Twitter…

Day pick-up places

Once you have everything, DON’T go to Champs Elysees, lounge bars, nightclubs or Mc Donald’s to pick up French women. Those last 10 years, Paris tremendously changed. The actual posh lounge bars are packed with gold diggers that are not so attractive. Nightclubs and lounge bars are always expensive, and there is not so much to do in those places because nice attractive French women don’t use to go out as the women from the past generations used to do. Plus, there are the usual issues of the western society. You ‘ll find much more men than women in public places.

You will always find the best French women in shops of clothing or shopping malls. Shops of clothing (shoes, dress, underwear…) are a place of choice for several reasons. If you start talking to a woman in a shop, nobody will notice it and your interlocutor will not feel pressure from other customers’ eye contacts. Never forget French women are very attached to their public image. Women always go shopping on their own or with a female friend. There is no chaperon around or rarely. In Paris, go to Printemps, Les Galeries Lafayette…  You can also try at your local supermarket. This sounds crazy but once again the local supermarket is the place where French women will be likely found on their own.

The best time to find them is on Thursday or Friday or Saturday afternoon. Don’t be afraid to go to women-only shops. If you are approached by a salesman or saleswoman, just say you are “just looking”. (Je regarde juste, merci) . If you are in a place where there is a sticky saleswoman or man,  I advise to leave because she or he will ruin all your efforts. Once you spot a nice attractive woman, get closer to her. Here are some ways to start a conversation in a clothing shop.

– Excuse me can you tell me what is your trousers size, my sister has the same trousers size than yours, but i don’t know the number. Excusez moi, pouvez vous me dire votre taille de pantalon, ma soeur a la même taille que vous, mais je ne connais pas sa taille.


– Excuse me, I don’t understand the size standard of clothes, can you tell me if this one is large or small? Excusez moi, je ne comprends pas ce systeme de taille de vêtements. Pourriez vous me dire si ce vetement est petit ou grand? Then you say that it is for your sister. You say she is petite. 

They are other ways of starting a conversation with a female customer at the shop of clothing. Be creative. Just find a way to start a conversation and use your foreigner status who does not know anything about France.

Then, you may say something is wrong with the said clothes. You tell a bit about yourself (on vacation, expatriate…). Once you had a good conversation, you look at your watch, you say you have to go, you prepare your business card in your hand, you give her your business card and you say: You are very beautiful (don’t use the word “hot” because French girls will not get it), here is my business card, contact me, we will have a drink.  In French, it would be: “Tu es très belle, voici ma carte contacte moi, on prendra un verre”. And you leave. It will let a first good impression about yourself and you don’t leave any uncertainty in the mind of your interlocutor. This job will help you prepare the date.

Then, the first thing to do is to look for another French woman in another shop and give as many business cards as you can. This technique allows women to choose to contact you or not. Being pushy in this situation is useless.

By the way, this technique can be used in any French towns.