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How to pick up women at dance classes?

Salsa class in Argentina

Salsa class in Argentina

Dance attracts beautiful women. Find Salsa classes close to your living place. Be there 15 minutes before the lesson starts. Stand up or park your car in front of the entrance in a place where you can see the people entering and where the people can’t see you. You can make believe you are on the phone when women are coming closer to you. Take a look at the women coming in; it will give you an overview of what kind of women attend the dance classes. If there are cute women, come the next week to join the dance classes. During the week go to different places with dance courses and select the place where there are lots of cute women.

Once you join the class, be friendly with everybody. Start to socialize with the most beautiful women right from the beginning. It is very important. Don’t try to socialize with the ugliest women of the group. Go straight ahead to the cutest women because it is what you want. It is ok to be courteous with everybody, but then it is useless to be the funny man of the class. Then, you may get a bunch of ugly women, and you will get stuck in the circle of ugly women. Then, you will discover you didn’t get closer to the most beautiful woman by being the popular guy. Beautiful women don’t need to socialize because people (males and females) naturally come to them. That’s why they never naturally come to you.

This technique can be used for every kind of group classes like Yoga and so on…