Online dating websites are scams

Men pay a significant amount of money thinking they will meet somebody online. The online dating websites take advantage of men’s hope. Then, they broadcasted lies and propaganda through the mainstream media to sustain the men’s demand. Let’s give you more details about the tricks of dating websites.

Inactive profiles:

A woman created a profile in 2010 when you browse the women profiles, they show you profiles of women who weren’t online for 8 years. Inactive profiles can be seen when the website does not mention the last time the female member was online. The most important isn’t the number of profiles for a dating website. That’s the number of active profiles on a dating website.

Fake profiles:

Some men impersonate women on many dating websites because there is no verification process most of the time. They can steal pictures online of women and pretend they are female. Also, I have interacted with transgenders who pretended to be women. I have also found that women also do it. For instance, a woman who does not feel attractive may use other pictures. Twice on facebook, I have interacted with a profile of a woman who didn’t exist. Another woman was operating the profile. In the first case, the woman told me that her friend (the real facebook profile owner) will meet me. In the second case, it was a crazy fan of me who already sent to me dozens of love emails and wanted to find a way to reach me. Fake profiles help online dating websites to make people believe their website has many profiles.

Escort girls:

There are many women all over the world who pretend to be regular singles but in reality, they are escort girls. Still today, I wonder how those women tell men they are interested in a paid relationship. It is easy to spot them. They wear lots of makeup and they get dressed in fit night dresses. Tinder is used by escort girls from all over the world.

Underaged members:

There are also underaged women who want to have fun and they create a profile while they should not subscribe according to the terms of the online dating website. It is a major issue but as I said before no online dating website has a strict verification process procedure. On plentyoffish, I have been able to spot profiles from underaged women.

Male/female imbalance:

To me, there are no good online dating websites and they are all scams. Still today, there is a huge imbalance between the number of male members and the number of female members on dating websites. However, you may have seen advertisements on a website that stated that a dating website needed male members because they online had female members. For sure, it is a big lie.

Poor quality of women’ profiles:

I saw that many women profiles weren’t filled up. They didn’t describe what they were looking for. It is normal. In the west, women don’t need to work hard to date someone and many women think they have time to meet someone. Anyways, I have found that many women didn’t invest lots of energy in their profile. The online dating websites don’t do anything about the poor quality profiles of some women. I think about low-quality thumbnail pictures, cartoon as thumbnail picture, supermodel as thumbnail picture, 2 one sentence as a description, no describe hobbies or interest. When you see a profile where a woman hides a part of her face or when she shares no information, it is not normal.

My views on online dating websites & social media:

On top of what I said before I have observed there was an overrepresentation of female sociopaths on online dating websites. I think about asexual women, lunatic women. I think the online dating websites attract women who have difficulties meeting someone in the real life.

Furthermore, online dating websites attract female offenders like gold diggers and thieves. It makes sense. The internet is the place of choice for offenders who are looking for new victims today.