Dating advice for men

Dating multiple women at the same time, good or bad?

There are many reasons why focusing on one date can be extremely bad.

  1. If you fail, you are going to be very sad because it is your only chance.
  2. You tend to give her too much importance, you may put her on a pedestal, and you may spoil her.
  3. You can spend too much money & time on her.
  4. You become extremely jealous.

I have met many men from all over the world who focused on one woman at a time and suffered a lot because of that. This pain was only in their mind. The TV propaganda encourages us to focus on one woman at a time and put this woman on a pedestal like Romeo & Juliet. But there is no more wrong than that.

If you focus on one at a time, if it fails, you are going to be very sad. You are going to get extremely jealous if other men approach her. You will give too much importance to her decisions and her acts. She may get spoiled because you give her too much attention. Since you are extremely involved emotionally, you will be less straight forward, and it is a danger. You may not be successful because of that.

The benefits of multiple dating:

Dating several women at the same time has numerous advantages:

  1. You will not spoil her
  2. If you lose one, you know you have other options, and you don’t care
  3. You spend less money on one woman
  4. You are less emotionally involved so you are more into action and you are more like to succeed.

When people tell you that it is bad to date multiple women at the same time, they want to retain control of you. In fact, if you value one woman at a time, that’s good for women because they will always be treated like a princess. This is what’s happening right now.

I think that dating multiple women will help you to protect yourself from the emotional breakdown related to a failure with a woman you love too much.