Honest review of online dating sites

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Reviews of online dating websites:


That’s the online dating website where you can find profiles that are more complete. Nevertheless, That’s also the home of divorced women who are looking for a new father for their children. That’s also the place where you can meet lots of gold diggers and female asexual sociopaths. Apart from that, match.com is the best of the worst in online dating because it counts lots of real profiles & there is some information about them.


A huge number of men VS women. I remember I have met two female members of Badoo. One was a former drug addict, and the other was living on welfare looking for a man to sponsor her child and her. Traditionally, in Europe, That’s the online dating site of male immigrants who just arrived in Europe & there are many of them.


Lots of profiles aren’t serious. After reviewing some profiles at pof.com, I understood that many profiles came from under-aged people who wrote their description in a childlike slang. They came online just to have fun. Also, many profiles aren’t complete. It is quickly useless when there is no precise information about a person. It looks like moderation is not very present on plentyoffish.com


Match.com is slightly better than other websites, but there are no good online dating websites today anyways. 15 years ago, when it was the beginning of online dating, i thought that busy working women would come online to meet someone. I also thought that since computers got handier to use it would ease access to online dating websites. None of that really happened. The most interesting women always meet people in face-to-face situations in the real life. If a woman subscribes to an online dating website she has a good reason to do and it is never a good reason.

It is interesting to see that the internet is really the place where you can find women who are likely to put you in trouble.

My advice: don’t waste your time on an online dating website.