Evidence that brazilian women’s beauty is overrated

When a TV crew comes to Brazil, they systematically film women on The Copacabana beach of Rio De Janeiro. Then, after shooting 3 hours on the beach, among hundreds of women on the beach, they choose the most attractive. Then, the viewer only sees a 30 seconds selection of 3 hours filming. That’s how they make you believe that Brazilian women are beautiful.

When we think about Brazilian women, we first think about Adrianna Lima, Gisele Bundchen, and Alessia Ambrosio.

With makeup Without makeup
Alessia ambrosio without makeup
adriana lima with makeup
 gisele bundchen with makeup

Now, we have pictures that are closer to reality. Then, if you go to Brazil, you will not meet supermodels. So, to show you what everyday Brazilian women look like, take a look at those profile pictures that have been randomly taken from an online dating website specialized in dating Brazilian women. For your information, I did not choose the ugliest women.

Since we have shown you real faces of Brazil, we would like to give rational information about Brazil. Brazil is not a place populated with Gisele Bundchen look-a-like women. Compared to other countries there are no more beautiful women in Brazil. Multiracial women are not all stunning as advertised on TV. By the way, there aren’t more beautiful women in the Brazilian multiracial population than in other female population from another country.

I wrote this article to destroy the myth which assesses that all Brazilian women are beautiful sexy & curvaceous women.


  1. what an idiot thing is the same with American celebrities without makeup, google search for “angelina jolie without makeup” to see how she really is

  2. Okay … i’m brazilian ( so pardom me if a mistake something ) and these are two girls here from Brasil just look for her names on Facebook … 1- Flavia Pavanelli ( this one is from my school and i can confirm that she is more perfect if you see her face to face ) 2- Flavia Charallo ( gingers are the best ) … this is the beauty of Brasil ( of couse thats not all of the girls some are commom) .

  3. Brazilian women have a charm that american will never have 😉
    They are strong, independent and kind!
    It doesn’t mean all girls in Brazil are pretyy ;), but a lot of them are. You should walk on Brazilian streets and go to Brazil’s beaches and see a lot of beautiful and kind women! Sorry, but Brazilian >>>>>>>>>>>
    Now you can cry ^^
    You made this post to talk shit about Brazilian women and used a lot of pics of ugly women ^^ I can search a lot of amercian ugly women on google too, dear ^^
    Brazil has a lot of pretty girls! You would stop thinking Brazil are only Gisele or this models 😉

  4. With or without make up applies for any models, artists or anybody, and not for “Brazilian” only. This is certainly a jealous
    post about Brazilians, and I bet this person never lived in Brazil. Brazil is a
    large country like the U.S, and there are ugly and beautiful people like here
    too. The whole text overall makes NO SENSE.

  5. Very true perspective. That being said, and I may sound bad, but I think they are overrated. Also, long story short, my brother was bamboozled into marrying a Brazilian woman by getting pregnant very quickly when he visited; all with the blessing of her family under her parents’ roof. I know he was afraid at one time as the family threatened him for moving so slowly with his marriage plans. She has now been here in the U.S.A going on six years (thanks to my parents’ help/money to get her here), will not learn English, and has made no attempt at a relationship with me, despite my many attempts. I endured hell for 9 months due to agreeing to stay with them during hardship/grief after our parents died. Her outbursts of rage toward me over any ill perceived delusional slight, fueled by jealousy and possessiveness, have given me flashbacks. I found myself walking on eggshells the whole time, not leaving my tiny room. She wouldn’t even allow my brother, the father, to discipline his own children as he and they are her “possessions” and she can act however she wants, etc.
    Thank God I am now free and I feel sorry for my brother because he has 2 kids now and would never leave because of that, and I am certain her manipulative threats of “taking the kids” work wonders. This is heartbreaking to me, as I don’t see my nephews, nor will I subject myself to this psycho anymore; we live only a half hour from each other. Sorry for sounding so biased, but my very first hand personal experience with this woman, has turned me completely off. BTW, she is no where near model material in the looks department either.

    • Don’t be sorry, i know that kind of stories. It speaks the truth. All the medias, including the hype ones like vice don’t say how manipulative south american women can be in general. Some of them are female predators. They can learn a new language, get a passport, going through administrative papers, learning local culture, to become US or EU citizen and live on a western man like a parasite. That is their lifestyle. So, many people blame western women about everything but they have no idea about the dangers in south american & east europe. Western men are not educated about the dangers they can face. They think they know. They think they are strong but in front of them there are wild female predators.

  6. marcella felice on

    brazilian womem are sexy,beautiful and curvaceous.Is not just about being beautiful, brazilian womem have a charm that most of americans dont have.Braziliam womem have a body that,omg.Im braziliam and i really think we are beautiful.So why you dont have sex with a braziliam and after see with you dont change your opinion?

  7. No one said all Brazilian women are super models. Brazil is a country with more women then men so there are more attractive women to choose from. Instead of the sausage fest we call America. And from personal experience being a Brazilian first generation born in Boston. i have visited Brazil many times, mainly Rio and Sao Paulo. I have also been to Florida frequently and San Diego and drove from Boston to San Diego stopping in Chicago and many other cities. but to compare the two countries i would say Brazil has by far more attractive women in my experience (since thats all i have), plus there are more genuine, caring, and fun brazilian women compared to american women who are usually conniving, selfish, superficial, materialists, self centered egotistical narcissists, Black-widows. Especially San Diegan women. but not to say brazilian women cant be the same. but overall in Brazil many attractive women send me signs on a daily basis that would only be the case in America if i looked like Ryan Gosling( and im not ugly or super attractive or fat, i could be in better shape like i used to be but i have slimmed down my muscle overtime and average height 5’9 no gut and shower daily) . not to say i dont get looks from american women just not as much as in Brazil and by the level of beauty as well. i feel as though American women expect way to much from a man approaching them than a Brazilian girl. Also not saying brazilian girls are tramps but if they can see that your respectful caring romantic and fun and not fake your usually in the clear. Not trying to bash on American women bcuz there are plenty of hot USA girls but theres an overwhelming amount of guys causing a competitive atmosphere. But maybe i drifted off the point a little bit, but all in all it is not a myth that there are plenty of amazingly exotic women in brazil. i believe so because Brazil is like America, a huge melting pot of different cultures mixing only difference is that Brazil is tropical and always sunny giving the ppl a nice tan, oh oh i cannot forget to mention the run into a wall jaw dropping “assets” most brazilian women have compared to american girls. but mcdonalds has taken over brazil recently as other bullshit american corporations has as well… well… get it while you can.

  8. brazilian girls love gringos.. never met so desperate girl in other place in the entire world, that’s the reason why all guys talk about them, which man don’t want easy laid ?

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