Women tactics to manipulate men – Ebook

I am so glad to announce the release of my new Ebook: “how women manipulate men”. It’s been more than 20 years that I have collected female manipulation tactics. Those tactics come from women in North America, South America, and Europe. I have decided not to emphasize the countries of origin for manipulation techniques because it would be a major mistake to think that you are safe if you don’t live in one of those countries. It is not a rant against women. I just list the manipulation techniques from women that I have observed in my life. I have found it interesting to report those techniques in an Ebook.

Whatever your age and your habits, you should find interesting information for you. I wrote this Ebook using examples of women manipulation techniques observed at high school, university, home, at the workplace. Be indulgent, I am a Pathfinder and I didn’t find any websites that listed female manipulation tactics just like it didn’t exist.

The Ebook is available on Amazon

Last updated on November 18, 2017 11:48 AM

Let’s take an example of a tactic to manipulate men related to the mind control scam. I remember a woman who was legitimately upset about a skydiving plane that used to fly over her house from 10 am to 7 pm. Rather than doing something about it, she talked about it to her husband and son about it. She talked about it all the time so that the husband and the son felt pressured to do something about it. They did online research and they paid an attorney to know what should be done about it. They also wrote several posts on the internet about the issue. Meanwhile, the woman has done nothing. At some point, the son went to her mother and told her they had to hire an attorney. She refused to do it. She only manipulated her male relatives to do the solve the problem on her behalf. At some point, the son and the father backed up.

With this technique, a man takes all the legal risks, the physical risks, and the financial risks. Since the woman does not force him to do anything, the man can’t say that a woman is responsible for any troubles caused to him.

Here is the table of contents for “how women manipulate men” 1st edition:

Modification of reality
Compliments to manipulate you
Lies about income
Victims of male strangers
Victims at work
Victims of ex-husbands and ex-boyfriends
Victims of foreign men
What to do in front of victimization
The biological fragility excuses
Fragility to manipulate macho men
Playing the fool
Male bashing
What to do in front of male bashing?
The ghost man
Personal criticism
They Evaluate your limits
Test yourself – the male bashers test
Pushing men to the front line while staying in the back
How traditions bring manipulation
Use of the machismo values against macho men
Emotional blackmail
Pretending to be useful
The mind control scam
Test yourself – Female manipulators test
About a relationship with a female manipulator
Cougar techniques:
Advice to protect yourself from manipulators
A word for fathers


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