Global dating

The male bashing problem in the western world

male bashingThese ten last years, I have seen the rise of male bashing among all women aged from 15 to 90 years old. In the beginning, I thought that only young women would do that at high school but after sometimes I discovered that male bashing was even popular among women aged 80+

Today, many women criticize men for what they are. It is racism. So, in this context, it is difficult to consider a relationship. Nobody wants to hear male bashing. I think that many men are today repelled by women because of male bashing. Some western women ask themselves how to attract the perfect guy. They should first consider how to be nicer to men.

Why do we talk so much about Global dating?

Here is a small list of aspects of nonwestern women that I have seen in eastern Europe and Latin America that I haven’t seen in North America or Europe or very rarely.

  • The willingness to please a man
  • Being quiet rather than getting into an argument
  • Not criticizing a boyfriend or a husband in front of a crowd of people.
  • Dressing in feminine clothes rather than a jacket with padded shoulders or other masculine clothes.
  • Behaving like a woman
  • Listening to men rather criticizing what they say upfront

The difference is huge when we observe the mindset difference between western European women vs. eastern European women even if I have also witnessed a slight rise of male bashing in East Europe and also in Latin America. In Eastern Europe or Latin America, you can still meet beautiful women who are accessible & who are not especially proud of their body even if they look better than the majority of western European or American women. That’s why i do encourage to consider global dating today.

When I have traveled to a country in eastern Europe, it is good for my ego because beautiful women listen to me and respect me. In the western world, a conversation with a woman often turns into an argument which produces an unnecessary tension. I want to emphasize the word “unnecessary.” In fact, let’s imagine you go to Miami beach with your girlfriend. The sky is blue, the sun rises, the white houses are beautiful, the palm trees look great, and she starts to scream after you… Why? How is it possible in such a great place and such a great day? How it is possible to be upset in a situation where everything goes well. What’s the point of getting an angry afterlife?┬áIt is perhaps the nonsense of some female westerners.

If you live close to an international airport, don’t miss your opportunity. Don’t fly for other people (women or men), travel for yourself.