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This guide features every required step to find and date women in a town or city.

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Table of contents:

1. Preparation
1.1 Identity protection
1.2 Self-introduction
1.3 Your look
1.4 Solve life problems
1.5 Business cards
1.6 Online research of pick-up places
Stop going to nightclubs
About public places
Semi-private & private places:
Women from your workplace
How to proceed?
1.7 Scheduling
2. Approach
2.0 Safety rules awareness
2.1 Meeting place spotting
2.2 Pick-up places spotting
2.3 Pick-up action
2.3.1 Last preparation steps
2.3.2 Identify the best target
Sexy clothes does not mean sexual woman
The importance of body language
Speech and sexuality
Beautiful women vs below average looking women
2.3.3 Action of picking up a woman
1. Start of conversation:
2. To give compliment(s) in context:
3. Call for action while give your business card:
4. Leave promptly
General advice about seduction
Picking up a woman that you already know
3. Dating
3.1 Safety rules
3.2 Meeting place spotting
3.3 Conversation
One night stand
3.4 Compliments during dating
3.5 Relationship forecast
3.6 Warm-up step
Sex talk
3.7 Sex proposal
4. Sex
4.1 Expedition to sex location
4.2 Foreplay
4.3 Sexual intercourse
5. Aftermath
5.1 Just after sex
5.2 Multiple dating management
My opinion
Preparation is so important
Offline dating is better than online dating
Consider global dating
A few last tips:
Your feedback
Online consulting