Guide to dating women in Ukraine – PDF ebook



In this Ebook, you will also tell you about the good sides and the dark sides of dating Ukrainian women. I also compared Ukrainian women to female westerners like French, American, Canadia, Dutch and British women.

I wrote this Ebook with the youtube videos of Taya Ukraine, Olga Reznikova, Dream connections (Dating agency), Josepth L. Rickards, among others. I found that these videos only showed the tip of the iceberg. The love scams, the mail order scams are nothing compared to the motivations that underline Ukrainian manipulators behavior.

I discuss here the local characteristics of dating Ukrainian women in Ukraine. This country is one of the poorest European countries, and this has big consequences on dating local women.  It is also a country with the highest number of female scammers, gold diggers & manipulators who wish to take advantage of Westerners’ money. I present their techniques and how you can avoid them.

I also talk about Ukrainian escort girls in Ukraine and where they can be found.

In this Ebook, you will also tell you to know what to look at to choose the right Ukrainian woman. Even if Ukrainian women have a dark side, they also have a bright side. In this Ebook, I explain why a relationship with a Ukrainian woman is better than a relationship with a female Westerner on average.

By buying this Ebook, you get a downloadable 23 letter page PDF file with an interactive table of contents that you can download ten times. Please find here the table of contents. I have added details below the table of contents. You can also find this guide on

The Ebook includes specificities about Ukraine. Nevertheless, you can also find helpful information in my two other Ebooks related to this topic:


Table of contents from “guide to dating women in Ukraine”:

The internet in Ukraine
The local economy & its Consequences on relationships
Language barrier
Age difference
Propaganda on YouTube
Ukrainian women mindset
The good
The bad
International Ukrainian dating agencies
Online dating websites
Ukrainian scams
The fake single women scam
The fake private chat scam
The mind control scam aka the love scam
The restaurant scam
The translator scam
Human ATM
Can we date a scammer?
Where to pick up Ukrainian women?
Long term relationship
How Ukrainian gold diggers manipulate Foreigners
Their speech about local men
West Ukraine vs. East Ukraine
Heritage from the Soviet Union
The Russian excuse
Manipulation techniques
How to choose the right Ukrainian woman?
Rely on actions rather than speech
Beware of role reversal
My experience with Ukrainian women
Results of my dating experience with Ukrainian women
Comparison with Romanian women
Comparison with Russian women
Pick up women in the day in Ukraine for non-paid relationships
Do a reconnaissance trip
Don’t listen to anyone
Don’t go to villages
Don’t tell your real income
Be Selfish
Be strong
Date multiple women at once
Focus on the sexual intercourse
Have your comfort zone
Don’t share your belongings
Learn to give up
My opinion about relationship with a Ukrainian woman
Short-term relationship with Ukrainian women (& escort girls)
Long-term relationship with Ukrainian women vs. westerners
Further readings


I wrote this Ebook after watching the Youtube videos from Taka Ukraine, Olga Reznikova, the videos from Ukrainian dating agencies owners like Dream connections, UkraineSingles, I understood that what you can see on the internet does not explain anything useful for men who want to date Ukrainian women. There are also lots of lies among those videos about Ukrainian women.