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In this Ebook, you will learn the best global dating destinations for men who want to date beautiful and respectful women in Europe. The Ebook also features the list of the destinations to avoid. I will also learn the real benefits that you have to date and have a relationship with an East European woman.

In this Ebook, you will find information about Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Belarus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine.

That’s a practical travel guide for American, Canada, Australian men who want to come to Europe to pick up and date women. This Ebook will tell very important information such as the level of English of local women, their mindset, their beauty, their accessibility depending on the country. After reading this Ebook, you will be able to know what will be the best destinations to pick up and date European women.

This Ebook will answer your questions whether you are looking for one night stands in Europe or a long-term relationship with a Wife in Ukraine. For instance, lots of people speak about Ukraine but Ukraine is also the country where there is the smallest number of women understanding and speaking English.

I also talk about the local problems of the male-female relationship.

By buying this Ebook, you get a downloadable PDF ebook file that you can download ten times.


Table of contents from the “Guide to dating women in Europe”:

Other readings Introduction
My methodology
What is the one-hour stroll test? Forget West Europe
High expectations in West Europe Rise of ugliness in West Europe Male bashing in West Europe Male slavery in Western Europe The best women in West Europe
No-go destinations for dating Belgium & Luxembourg Estonia
Denmark Germany Ireland
United Kingdom
Recommended destinations in Europe
Is it worth going to East Europe?
Central & East European women benefits
Central & East European women drawbacks The language barrier
English proficiency
Strategy for learning a language Clothing
Travel advice
Avoid villages
Time management Travel management Summertime Methods of payments Mate for help?
Sexual desire depending on the country Online dating websites
How to use Tinder for Global dating?
Use Tinder as a backup plan:
Opinion about International dating agencies Accommodation
Airbnb accommodation
Disadvantages Hotels
Which accommodation to choose? Phone & the internet
Data connectivity in Europe
Do I need a local mobile number? Transportation
Taxi in Europe
Über in Europe
Choose your method of transport wisely
Local authorities Female predators
Scams targeting single men The single male tourist scam The mind control scam
Nightclubs & lounge bars
Tourist traps
Advice to avoid traps in nightclubs Carefully choose night locations for Dating
Interactions with local men Competition
No local men can advise you
My opinion about the best destinations