Ebook sale – “What you should know before dating Eastern European women”



In this Ebook, I am going to explain to you how the male-female relationship works in Eastern Europe. You will learn why money is so important in the life of Eastern European women. I describe many scams in details that you can face if you interact with women from Eastern Europe. After reading this Ebook, you will be able to identify female predators like gold diggers, lazy women, psycho women in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, and Belarus.

The Ebook is a PDF file with an interactive table of content

Table of contents


Ongoing beauty contest

Less pressure on men for dating

Women can be more proactive

Issues related to difference of income

The consequence of the purchasing power gap on a relationship

Don’t spoil Eastern European women

Eastern European global mindset

They marry men earlier

Eager to commit to someone

From stoical to overly attached

Before sex

After sex


Hardworking women

Comparison between Westerners & East European women

Dangers – East vs. West


No male bashing

Respect of men


The Female predators vs. safe women

Day women are likely safe

East European prostitutes

How to spot an Eastern European prostitute?

Eastern European webcam girls

Professional retraining problem

Camgirls’ strong link to the prostitution industry

Manipulation techniques of female predators

They tell you what you want to hear

Lies about lifestyle

Lies about local men

Lies about studies

Dating a liar

Lie intensity depending on the country

The traditional wedding is a trap

How to identify a trustful woman in East Europe

How to stay away from trouble?

Identity and privacy protection

Stay away from complicated situations

Have sex in a temporary accommodation

Never show weaknesses

Keep cool in front of intrusive questions

Avoid meeting families

Don’t let her leave her belongings at your place

Be cautious during sex

Think of your interest first

Be cautious with remote neighborhoods

Dating practices

The isolation rule

Men always pay

The straightforward way

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