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In this podcast, I talk about the issues related to dating webcam girls from East Europe and also about the process of flying to East Europe to date a webcam girl. In this podcast, I mainly talk about Romanian webcam girls. Men who would like to know about marrying a webcam girl will find interesting information about the webcam girl situation, their lifestyle and what happens behind the webcam.

More importantly, I tell you everything about what’s happening behind the curtain in Romania. You will learn astonishing information about their job environment, lies, income, lifestyle. I also talk about the dangers of dating webcam girls and how to avoid them.

The connection between prostitution and webcam girls:

I have discovered that lots of webcam girls worked as prostitutes. I explain how to spot an escort girl on a webcam girl website. I also talk about the consequences of having a cam girl for wife or girlfriend. I describe the dangers to date Romanian webcam girls in this podcast. For sure, I explain what to do if you decide to fly to Bucharest if you choose to date a webcam girl.

I discuss the general process to date webcam girl if you plan to travel to Romania or Ukraine.


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Duration: 25 minutes.
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