Audio report about the dangers of Ukrainian and Russian dating agencies


Product Description


In this audio report, I talk about the bad practices of Ukrainian and Russian dating agencies for men who want to subscribe to one of their services to find a Ukrainian or a Russian wife. I will for sure talk about scams among other things. I have recorded this audio report after thinking about my trips to Eastern Europe, my interactions with local companies, my knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian women at work and in my personal life. On top of that, I investigated dating websites and Youtube channels. In this audio report, I talk about the types of female predators that you can find in Ukraine and Russia like the former prostitutes, the former camgirls, the gold diggers and the lazy women.

I think this audio report will prevent men who don’t know Russian and Ukraine to be manipulated and scammed by local people.

This audio report also provides an alternative solution and tells you what you should do to find Ukrainian and Russian women who will not put you in trouble.

Media specs:

It is an MP3 file. Duration is around 30 minutes