Are French women worth dating? – PDF Ebook



As you may know, i am French and in this Ebook I talk about women in my native country. We face several issues as many French women are ugly. Also, French women have high expectations towards men. I also talk about Paris for the men who would like to visit Paris to date women. This Ebook is for men who wonder whether they should come to France to date French women. The Ebook may save you a flight ticket to Paris. Buy this guide to know whether it is worth it to date French women. By buying this Ebook, you will receive a downloadable PDF file with an interactive TOC.

Table of contents from “Are French women worth dating?”:


Other readings

About me


Don’t trust what you hear about French women


Language barrier


The Beautiful French women from the TV don’t exist:

Dating a French woman

Where to date French women

Pick-up technique to get a date

Online dating websites





Unrealistic expectations toward men

The French version of the gold digger

Positive aspects of dating a French woman

The Internet generation is an exception

Positive aspects of the internet generation

The internet generation and sex

Paris is over-estimated


Not a place of beautiful women

Don’t stay in Paris on a trip to Europe

Picking up female tourists in Paris, forget it!

Countries with better versions of French women

Advice for men living in France

Flight duration to East Europe from Paris CDG

You live in France and want to bring a female foreigner back to France