Honest review of dating sites

First of all, i would like to say, it is very difficult for men to know the truth about online dating websites because those sites invest so much money in advertising so that no media want to say anything bad about them. Some dating coaches like Evan Marc Katz are part of the online dating […]

Where to meet single women?

Many men think that night locations like bars & nightclubs are the best to meet single women. Unconsciously, you may think that the night brings a party spirit with the promiscuity of women aided by alcohol which allows to get rid of inhibitions. However, you can witness the same issue in north america or Europe, […]

How to compliment women?

Observe: Sometimes, women want to value a part of their body. It can be their legs, their breasts, their bottom… If a woman wears a top with a big cleavage or if she wears a short dress, it means she wants to show her legs and her breasts. You may also take notice of anything […]

Review of Roosh V & his forum – bad or good advice?

bloupI have read some Ebooks from Roosh V (the ones about Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia). I have read his articles. I was shocked when he said that Latvia wasn’t interesting. In fact, i had memories about this country from 10 years ago and i had my best sex with a latvian woman. I came back to […]

How to talk to women to seduce them?

According to my observation, if you want to seduce women, the same conversation techniques work all over the world. Your voice: Have a deep voice & speak slowly, distinctly. Women link such a voice to masculinity. I have been always surprised to hear women commenting on a man’s voice. Don’t talk about topics where you have […]

Dating steps – The Padsa plan

I have defined the steps of dating dedicated to men who are looking for women I have been to 15 countries and i concluded there were one global way to date woman. I designed a generic diagram that includes all the steps for seducing & dating a woman from the preparation step through the sexual intercourse […]

Dating foreign women

World map of global dating destinationsWhat is global dating? Facing the increasing number of women who bash males in the westernized countries, many men consider that the only way to find a nice woman would be to travel to another county. (see destinations below). Those last years, many men (including me) found that western women get more and more masculine and uglier […]

How to date a french woman in Paris and in france?

Just like in London, there is an issue with the size of the city. The city is so big so that there is an issue when you live in the suburb because you cannot bring a woman back to your place. In general, there is always big distances between her place, your place and the […]

Are there lots of beautiful south-american women in Spain?

Are there lots of south-american women in Spain? Guys from USA or north of Europe may believe that Spain is full of sexy south american women because of its so called cultural proximity. I say “so-called” because there is no cultural proximity between Spain and south-america. Spain is really a western european country. South-american countries […]

Observations about spanish women in Spain

Back in 2007, i lived in Madrid, here is my observations about local women. Here is what i noticed: Spanish women go out to Nightclubs very late. (around 1 to 2 am). They only stay 1 hour in the nightclub and then they leave. Unfortunately, you can not be at 10 places at the same […]