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An International Ukrainian dating agency, is it worth it?

You wonder whether it is worth joining a dating agency to meet a Ukrainian woman, here is what I have to say.

Language barrier:

Ukraine is one of the countries in Europe with the lowest English proficiency. I don’t speak Ukrainian or Russian; you will not be able to interact with local women. It means that if you fly to Ukraine without learning Ukrainian or Russian, you will not be able to chat with the majority of women In Kiev or Odessa or anywhere else in Ukraine. Ukrainian dating agencies provide translators and it makes sense.

So let’s imagine you want to learn Russian because it would help you to speak to Ukrainian and Russian women. Unfortunately, the Russian alphabet is not the Latin alphabet. It is called the Cyrillic alphabet. Every Russian learning lesson starts with the Cyrillic alphabet. I have tried to start to learn Russian and the Cyrillic alphabet was a major barrier. People say that when you already learned other languages it makes things easy but I am French and I already learned German and Spanish. Learning a new language in a different alphabet is another story. I gave up after the first lessons of Russian on the language learning application Babel.

Anyways, I think that it is not worth it to learn a language for dating women. In my situation, I would not need Russian for anything. I don’t need Russian for my job or anything else.

Travel plan:

People on the internet makes you believe that it is easy to meet and date a Ukrainian woman. It is much like you who land in Kiev and you would be successful with Ukrainian women right away. The pickup artist Roosh V stayed in Kiev and decided to film one of his days. His youtube video shows his numerous failures with local women. Roosh V does not speak Ukrainian or Russian fluently. It would also be a mistake to judge his look. If you were an American in the middle of Kiev, your experience with local Ukrainian women would be the same than Roosh V.

Ukrainian agencies


Ukrainian dating agencies provide human translators for men to be able to chat with single female Ukrainian women. Thus, when a man flies to Ukraine and meet many women at a speed dating event, there is no situation where the man can’t communicate with the woman that he is interested in. On the other hand, if a man goes to Kiev without knowing Ukrainian or Russian, it can be very frustrating when a man can’t communicate with a woman that he likes. This happened to me, and it does not go anywhere.

No waste of time:

Thanks to Ukrainian dating agencies, you don’t waste your time. On the other hand, if you would travel to Ukraine on your own, it is difficult to meet someone. The issue is very much like flying to a US city where you don’t know anybody. In Ukraine, no one¬†waits for you. I have traveled to Eastern Europe numerous time. Even in the era of the Internet, I felt that I started from scratch everytime I discovered a new city. It always takes time to understand where to find everything you need in a new city. It takes time. The major issue is always related to finding “pickup places.” If you only have one week to find women, it is not enough because you need to meet local women first before you can get a date.

On top of that, all Ukrainian cities aren’t made to socialize. It is related to the Soviet era where everything was wide and big. Western European men would discover that Ukraine is a bit like the USA. The infrastructure of the Ukrainian cities and towns aren’t good if you want to meet someone because people are always far away from each other. It is the opposite of the Italian cities where you can find narrow streets and small coffee shops.

On the internet, people lie. They make you believe that it is easy to fly to Eastern Europe and date women. However, there are many constraints: time, distance, language are the three main constraints. You may see beautiful Ukrainian women in a Youtube video, but you may not find this type of beautiful women if you go there on your own because you will be at the wrong place and at the wrong time.


You may spend more money, flying to Ukraine on your own than joining a Ukrainian dating agency. If you fly to Ukraine on your own, you may need a lot of time before being successful with one woman. This sounds strange but at the end, you may spend more money than if you would have come to Ukraine thanks to a dating agency. First of all, if you would go to Ukraine on your own, you may need a longer stay to meet someone. Then, you may want to be adventurous and travel around. On the other hand, if you know some women, you can have several dates and you don’t need to travel to another city to know a new woman.

When I have been to Eastern Europe, I was always surprised to see that it was not that easy to meet someone even if the local women were more open-minded and friendly. With hindsight, I think it is due to the fact that we expect to be successful in a very short timeframe (1 or 2 weeks) and unfortunately, in an ideal world, we would need 2 months.