Global dating

Travel advice to Americans for dating women in foreign countries

Here are some pieces of advice if you travel to an Eastern European country like Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic when you interact with local women.

  1.  Protect yourself from scammers: Western European women & North American bash men but they are few scammers among them (except if you consider marriage to be the biggest scam ever). There are a significant number of female scammers in Latin America & Eastern Europe. It is a good idea to rent a safe box. Keep the minimum of valuable items with you. Leave your passport in a safe box. In fact, when you start to interact with foreign women, it is always possible that someone steals something from you. Now, the most important advice. Don’t accept anything from women who approach you on the street. Choose women, don’t be chosen.
  2. Don’t spoil local women: Since you have a higher purchasing power, you can afford much more things than in your local country. Be aware of the local prices and the local average wages. Adapt yourself to the local medium social class. Don’t spoil local women by going to upper-class restaurants and offering expensive products & services. Visit to know the local consumer prices.
  3. Never ask any taxi drivers to give you advice about local women: To me, I have witnessed that many taxi drivers all over the world were closer to thugs than professional drivers in many countries. I know there are several websites that advise asking local taxi drivers to find local women. Would you ask a taxi driver in your country to give you advice about where to find beautiful women? I am sure you would never do it.
  4. Never be dependent on a 3rd party: It is very important to be always independent. It is always worth investing a bit of money to be independent wherever you go. For instance, if the price of car rental is Ok, that would always be better than taking a taxi or waiting for somebody to bring you somewhere. Public transport is also an option. Here I talk about transport but it is a general advice. Even if you don’t speak the local language, freedom is priceless. Being able to do what you want when you want it is priceless, especially when you want to pick up and date women.
  5. Be aware of prostitution: Outside of the USA, there are many countries where a significant number of young women working as prostitutes. They may look like regular women. They can be found in public places like lounge bars, nightclubs, malls, touristic areas.

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