Where to meet single women?

Many men think that night locations like bars & nightclubs are the best to meet single women. Unconsciously, you may think that the night brings a party spirit with the promiscuity of women aided by alcohol which allows to get rid of inhibitions. However, you can witness the same issue in north america or Europe, […]

How to compliment women?

Observe: Sometimes, women want to value a part of their body. It can be their legs, their breasts, their bottom… If a woman wears a top with a big cleavage or if she wears a short dress, it means she wants to show her legs and her breasts. You may also take notice of anything […]

Roosh V & his forum are really bad

bloupI have bought an Ebook from Roosh V ” don’t bang Latvia”. After reading it, i have concluded this guy isn’t serious. He wants people to believe that Latvia is as bad as USA to pickup women. Also, i am suspicious. I have travelled a lot. I had sex with a latvian woman by the […]

How to talk to women to seduce them?

According to my observation, if you want to seduce women, the same conversation techniques work all over the world. Your voice: Have a deep voice & speak slowly, distinctly. Women link such a voice to masculinity. I have been always surprised to hear women commenting on a man’s voice. Don’t talk about topics where you have […]

Dating steps – The Padsa plan

I have defined the steps of dating dedicated to men who are looking for women I have been to 15 countries and i concluded there were one global way to date woman. I designed a generic diagram that includes all the steps for seducing & dating a woman from the preparation step through the sexual intercourse […]

Dating foreign women

World map of global dating destinationsWhat is global dating? Facing the increasing number of women who bash males in the westernized countries, many men consider that the only way to find a nice woman would be to travel to another county. (see destinations below). Those last years, many men (including me) found that western women get more and more masculine and uglier […]

How to date a french woman in Paris and in france?

Just like in London, there is an issue with the size of the city. The city is so big so that there is an issue when you live in the suburb because you cannot bring a woman back to your place. In general, there is always big distances between her place, your place and the […]

Are there lots of beautiful south-american women in Spain?

Are there lots of south-american women in Spain? Guys from USA or north of Europe may believe that Spain is full of sexy south american women because of its so called cultural proximity. I say “so-called” because there is no cultural proximity between Spain and south-america. Spain is really a western european country. South-american countries […]

Observations about spanish women in Spain

Back in 2007, i lived in Madrid, here is my observations about local women. Here is what i noticed: Spanish women go out to Nightclubs very late. (around 1 to 2 am). They only stay 1 hour in the nightclub and then they go away. Beautiful spanish women don’t go out too much in the […]

How to seduce women in Latin America?

I received requests about this question and i am VERY happy to answer because i wondered myself how to pick-up south american women for a long time. First of all, i must say i have never been able to know before visiting latin american countries for several reasons. Many western men who travelled to south-america […]

The male bashing problem in the western world

In the last 10 years, i have seen the rise of male bashing amongst all women aged from 15 to 90 years old. At the beginning, i thought that only young women would do that at high school but after sometimes i discovered that male bashing was even popular amongst women aged 80+ Today, many […]

Models of victoria’s secret with and without make-up

In the game of seduction, today’s men face a new issue. Men are exposed to pictures of women with make-up and photoshopped faces. In order to illustrate this issue, i decided to find pictures of victoria’s secret models with and without make-up to illustrate the tremendous gap between women natural figures and centerfolds images. Click […]

does Alcohol help to pick up women?

Alcohol helps women to get rid of inhibitions. It also help men to get rid of inhibitions and get more confident. It is not politically correct to say it but alcohol eases dating success in the vast majority of cases. Many people had sex thanks to drinking alcohol. First try to avoid beer. Lots of people are […]

Don’t become a slave of women

They are so many stereotypes and urban legends today. Medias and social pressure encourage men to be women’s slave. According to them, men must be full of humor, they have to find way to entertain women, they have to suggest things to do, they have to be good talkers, they have to be nice, they have […]

Advices on bringing a woman back to your hotel

There is nothing more frustrating than a receptionist who try to stop you to come back to your hotel room with your date.   Hotel with direct access to bedrooms, Motel: That’s the best. It is those kind of hotels where you can access your hotel room from the car park without going through a […]

How to pick-up a woman surrounded by other people?

If a woman is starring at you but if she is surrounded by one of several people, it is always difficult to approach her. I know that many times those people (men or women, it is the same) act like barriers or chaperon. Just wait when she leaves this group of people. Once again, that’s a […]

How to date a woman in a barlounge?

First of all, arrive early when there is nobody and no competitors. Choose an isolated seat. The best places are those where you can get intimacy thanks to the seats configuration in the room. The seats configuration is very helpful. The more the place is intimate and the more you are likely to succeed. Before […]

How to choose a dating place?

Most of the time, i found myself in a difficult situation each time i decided to follow a woman at a place of her choice. I remember going to a night club called Fabrik (London) with a 100 meters queue in London. I also remember going several times to a pub and drinking a pint in 10 minutes […]

Is a male friend useful to help picking up women?

Several years ago, I thought a single man was seen as a poor lonely man and had no chance to succeed. However, I have never been able to find a good hunt mate. To go out lonely requires lots of discipline, the ability to engage women or not and make the right decision very quickly. […]

stop self deprecating before seducing a woman

I’d like to say that many men give up before start by finding an excuse for not talking to a woman. Those western men use to self-disqualify because they receive very little attention from women. Whatever you look like, whoever you are, never wait for compliments from a woman. Girls are less expressive on compliments […]

How to pick up a woman in London, Paris, NYC & big cities?

The distance issue: I think it is very hard to pick up women in big cities. Urban infrastructure makes it difficult. For instance, if you meet a woman in east London, how is it possible to bring her back to your place in west london? Will she accept to spend 30 minutes on a taxi […]

How to pick up a barmaid?

First all of all, don’t approach her during peak times that would be totally counter productive. It is important to see her when there is nobody in the bar. it is also important not to try to seduce her when her boss is at the bar. I use to say that social pressure is a very […]

How to pick up women at dance classes?

Dance attracts beautiful women. Find Salsa classes close to your living place. Be there 15 minutes before the lesson starts. Stand up or park your car in front of the entrance in a place where you can see the people entering and where the people can’t see you. You can make believe you are on the […]

Where to meet beautiful women?

Don’t think the most beautiful women are the most difficult to seduce. They are just as difficult as other women. The only difference lies in accessibility. The most beautiful women are hard to meet because they simply don’t go out to public places anymore like in the 70ties. They don’t need to look for friends, […]

Conversation rules in dating and seduction

Here are the things you should add or avoid in a conversation: Duration of Stay: Never say that you are in the place you are visiting for a limited time. (2 days, 3 days). Some women always consider things in the long term. I’ve been disqualified  many times because I made the mistake to tell […]

Sentences to start a conversation and pick-up a woman in a nightlife environment

Interpersonal communication: Anchor lines are those sentences that help you to initiate a conversation. I don’t support pickup lines. Pick-up lines never work. Conversely, Anchor lines are smooth and useful. Read the anchor lines below and you will understand what i mean.   Anchor lines for party women: Do you know where is the closest nightclub […]

The main seducer tool: The business card

Business card is a very important tool to give your contact details when there is no time or when you don’t know the person enough to give your contact details. For instance, you meet a woman at a shop and she does not have time. In this situation, you would give her your business card. […]

Tips to spot pick up places

Usually when you find a place where there were beautiful women in the past, you will find beautiful women in the future. So, if the girls were not accessible in the past at that particular place, you may find a way to talk to the beautiful women next time you go to that particular place. […]

Dating multiple women, good or bad?

There are many reasons why focusing on one date can be extremely bad. If you fail, you are going to be very sad because it is your only chance. you tend to give her too much importance, and you can spoil her. You can spend too much money & time on her. you become extremely […]

How to gain confidence before talking to a woman?

In USA or western Europe, you require a lot of energy and self-confidence to pick up a woman nowadays. If your hands are shaking and if your voice is not stable, a woman will feel it. I think a woman will not consider you as a serious potential boyfriend. Nevertheless, the problem is less obvious if alcohol modified […]

Do distant relationships really work?

Distant relationship implies two issues: Dating a woman online who live far away from you (Ex: another country) Living far away from your girlfriend. Scenario n°1 – Dating a woman who lives far away from you: 10 years ago, the social networks and messenger chats were just starting. We discovered at that time worldwide chats […]

What about picking up married women?

First, don’t forget the wedding ring is at the left hand finger on the base of the fourth left finger in the UK, USA and Brazil. In the rest of the world, the wedding ring is worn on the base of the fourth right finger. Married women are often among the best women. A woman […]

Is it possible to seduce a woman on Chatroulette or Omegle?

I do recommend to avoid chatroulette & Omegle at any price. I have tried Chatroulette for you in the context of dating. We quickly understood it was NOT a place to go to pick up women online. Here are the reasons why chatroulette is a very bad idea if you want to use it to date women. […]

Advices to travellers to seducing and dating in non-western countries

Here are some advices if you travel to an eastern european country, russia or a latin american country when you interact with local women.  Protect yourself from scammers: Western european women & north american bash men but they are few scammers in their countries. On the other hand, there are female scammers in latin america […]

Top south-american countries for dating women

argentinian girl next door cuteGeneral approach: In central and south america, safety should be the first criteria for travel. We noticed that Mexico (reference), Peru (reference) and Brazil (reference) can be really dangerous for tourists today. For sure, you can stay in a hotel club and it is very safe but you will never meet any local women. As […]

Videos of russian st petersburg night life part 2

st-petersburgWe’ve found another video of a club called “delight” using the word club in russian cyrillic. As compared to the XXXX bar, this nightclub is really upscale and local celebrities are visible at this place. We also see real cute women who are not employed by the club. Girls in this place looks easier to […]

videos of russian clubs in st petersburg, a paradise of women? – part 1

st petersburg by nightSome people portray Russia as the paradise land for men who are looking for an attractive female companion. They say Russian women are all stunning, tall, blond haired with a super-model body. Hopefully, Internet can help us to see whether theses assumptions are true or false. We investigated hard and we’ve found some videos of […]

What about picking up dutch women in the Netherlands?

Netherlands is one of the worst west european location to pick up women. There is a very small panel of dutch women who go out to bar lounges and nightclubs. Dutch bar lounges and nightclubs are packed with men. Don’t surprise to see a ratio of 7 men for 3 women. Additionally, it is not easy to get […]

Best places to pickup women in London

Forget regular pick-up places: In London, attractive women don’t go out so much. In nightclubs, women are out-numbered by men. One night, I remember i counted 11 men for 2 women on the dance floor of the nightclub Fabrik. It is useless to go out to East London or downtown london to meet women. Don’t […]

Review of Winston Wu’s “guide to travelling and dating in Russia for men” Ebook

This Amazon kindle Ebook has the right approach regarding seduction and dating in Russia. He puts a focus on all travel issues rather than discussing russian women psychology. In fact, in Russia, the major problem is more related to Visa, administration issues, safety than women. Russian women are generally open-minded and friendly. Nevertheless, the russian society […]

Facebook is useless to seduce women online

FB_fan_growth_640Facebook could have been the biggest dating website on earth. However, the Facebook management decided not to massively invest into development to make Facebook easier to use, to be more intuitive and capitalise on networks, fan pages, groups. Today Facebook is complicated to use. Groups and people are too difficult to find through the search […]

Where are the single women?

In my blog, i previously said that young women from the western world preferred to have a boyfriend than going out on their own and showing they are singles. Many women gets committed for their social reputation rather than love. Today, in the western world, single women are the most difficult to meet. Online dating, […]

Practical guide to women seduction

As compared to other books from pick-up artists, this guide does not blame a man personality for not being successful with women but its environment. The context is systematically missing in every pick-up artists book, TV show and video. However this is the most important. You will never meet an attractive woman at 8h00 a.m in a highway […]

Do bad boys get more girlfriends?

Many websites and gossips report that bad boys get more girlfriends. I think it is a wrong way of tackling the dating relationship issue. Plus, i think the “bad boy” profile is today an urban legend. I travelled to 15 countries, i have never seen this so called “bad boy” type. There are perhaps bad boys but most […]

Should you flirt with committed women?

This topic has always been controversial, but it is less a moral issue than we think. In my experience, i discovered that there were different level of women “commitment” towards their boyfriend and even their husband. The context is very important to know if the commitment is serious or not. For instance, I remember meeting an […]

Don’t trust the internet about pick up places

Since i discovered the internet, i have found that information related to pick up places that can be found in forums, review websites, pick up artists diaries were never accurate. The information was either obsolete or totally wrong. Don’t get me wrong internet is still a wonderful tool to locate addresses (google maps), to visualise […]

What to wear on a date if we are a man?

chino pantsWhen i hear people saying that women are attracted by the bad boy style, i am very doubtful about it. If you put a jacket on, classy trousers and nice shoes, you have much more chance to attract attention from women than wearing sportswear and sneakers. My experiment to show the importance of clothing: I […]

How to identify a psychotic woman?

Male bashing: They use to criticize relatives or yourself for free. Male bashing may appear in various forms. She may depreciate your skills, your appearance, your behaviour. They depreciation is one of the most common things. However, those asumptions are never founded. For instance, they will say that you don’t know to express yourself, that you are not […]

Review of adultfriendfinder.com: Is it a scam? a rip-off?

Back in 2007, i had another website and people asked me to investigate adultfriendfinder.com. When i tried it back in 2007, i ha the feeling they were fake automated female profiles who used to connect to the website at the same time in the day. I remember there were a chat and in one minute everyday […]

Review of beautifulpeople.com

Review of the online dating website beautifulpeople.com: Back in 2008, when beautifulpeople.com was launched, it was  the only good website with attractive women. This aspect totally changed when the beautifulpeople.com team decided to switch from a free website to a paid website. Now, the website is totally dead. There are very few new members and many […]

Review of match.com

Back in 2006, i tried match.com in order to see whether match.com was valuable or not for people who looked for a good date. At that time, The website was full of wierd members. I remember i’ve met a transgender online at that time. I tested match.com once again at the end of 2013. We […]

Review of Zoosk and “are you interested?” facebook applications

I tried zoosk and “are you interested?” facebook applications several times in the last 5 years. I was really curious about it. Since facebook is big with 1 billions users, i thought those two applications would be great tools to meet a lot of women from all over the world. I join zoosk and “are you […]

Are meetup.com events good to pick up women?

I tried meetup.com meetings in London and Amsterdam. The concept of meetup.com should have been perfect to meet women. Those meetings are sorted by themes. For instance, one theme can be “french speakers in New York city”. I extensively tried meetups and found it was really not a place to pick up women. Profiles of […]

How to pick up women in hostels? – Seduction technique

  First, you have to start by searching an hostel at www.hostelworld.com Hostels are a good pick up place as they welcome an ongoing flow of female tourists throughout the year. Hostelworld allows you to find an hostel by category and facilities. You have to select an hostel with a bar. In big cities like London, you […]

Evidences that brazilian women’s beauty is overrated

Alessia ambrossio without makeupWhen we think about brazilian women, we first think about Adrianna Lima, Gisele Bundchen and Alessia Ambrosio. First of all, let’s see how some victoria’s secret models look without make-up. Click to see the full list of victoria’s secret models without make-up. With make-up Without make-up   Now, we have pictures that are closer to […]

Why Brazil is not the best latin american destination to pick up women

First of all, i want to say, i am raising up this question for people who wonder which south american destination is the best to pick up women. On the other hand, if i had to choose between a trip to “Miami, Los Angeles, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, NYC” on one hand, and a trip to Brazil […]

Advices about picking-up women in Brazil

Brazil is a country that does not contain an homogeneous presence of beautiful women throughout the country. For instance, Brazilian native indian women are not as blessed as brazilian women who are descended from european immigrants. Native indian women are in smaller town or in amazonia territories. Don’t be adventurous, stay in the richest area. If not, you […]

The 10 worst cities to seduce women – 2013 edition -

Brussels Amsterdam Toronto New york city Madrid Berlin Paris London Roma Miami   My criterias are the following: Commuting times between accommodation and entertainment place, local women mind-set, women-men ratio, urban infrastructure, local price of goods and services, people accessibility. 1. Brussels The male immigration made a strong demographic male imbalance in downtown brussels. It also brought a tremendous […]

Can we pick up women in New York City?

The answer is simple. no no and no. picking up women in new york city is a waste of time. If you a single male and live in new york, please do the accounting. Calculate how much you spend on a monthly basis to pick up or date women. Sum up all your expenses dedicated […]

Barlounges and nightclubs are no more places to pick up women.

gen_slh_bar_loungei have noticed a major change in those last 10 years regarding bar lounges and nightclubs. 10 years ago, those places were major pick-up places. It was advised to go to a bar lounge a nightclub to get a date with a woman everywhere in the western world. Everything changed very quickly. We witnessed several […]

Where are the nicest women in the world?

To my experience, the nicest women are located in south america. I would say they are colombians, cuban, mexican and argentinian women. I am not familiar with women from honduras and peru. Few south american women are arrogant and self centered. Strangely enough, the south american women who are attracted by Europe or Usa are […]

Where are the ugliest women in the world?

To my experience, i have seen the biggest density of ugly women in the netherlands. I noticed many had masculine jaws, hockey player shoulders and no big difference between waist and hips. I have also seen a big density of ugly women in Spain. Then, my third position would go to Canada which is even […]

Where are the most beautiful women in the world?

Beautiful women in Europe: I personnally think that some russian women have smashing beautiful bodies. It looks sometimes out of this world. To me, some look better than super-models. They have long legs & curves at the same time. To me, if i calculate everything (beauty of legs, curves, face, style) the russian, the estonian […]

How to seduce a french woman in Paris & France?

parisian womanFirst of all, print business cards with your name, occupation (an occupation that is bankable), email, your Facebook link, perhaps twitter… Then, once in France, go to an orange or SFR shop and buy a SIM card to put in your cellphone. (j’aimerai acheter une carte SIM s’il vous plait). Thanks to the french sim […]

How to seduce a girl at your high school?

The real enemy: Reputation During adolescence, many women are more concerned about their social image than dating the right man. That’s why so many young women are passive in dating. They are afraid of what people may say about them. Whoever you are and whatever you do, a woman’s quest for saving a good reputation […]

Is it possible to pick up women in Madrid and in Spain?

Guys, I’ll be very clear, if you want to pick up women don’t go to Madrid ! We tried there hard. We left 10 business cards, we took 5 phone numbers and we had NOTHING. The spanish women in Madrid are very very very difficult to catch even if you are fluent in spanish. First […]

Spycams to protect yourself from false rape and abuse accusations

In the western world, many men are often sued for false rape, false harassment and false abuse allegations. Between 1978 and 1987, sociologist eugene Kanin analised rape reports in a small midwestern town. In this timeframe at this particular location, there were 109 reported sexual assaults. Among those 109 sexual assaults, he found out that 41% […]

The 10 best countries to seduce & date women in 2014

The 10 world best countries to date women  – 2014 update – Estonia Argentina Latvia Colombia Russia Japan Poland Israel New Zealand Ukraine Here are the world best countries to pick up women. We based this list on various criteria: Safety, women’s beauty, Country hospitality, cost of living, average level of english , women accessibility, mind-set.. 1. […]

How to seduce and date a female co-worker?

sexy co-workerA long time ago, i have read an article stating that seducing at the workplace could be a source of problems. At that time, i was young, and i thought it made sense. Thus, i thought i had to stay away from seducing women at the workplace. However, my opinion changed when i started to […]

Is it possible to pick up women in London?

It is a very difficult task to pick up women in London for several reasons. 1. Urban environment: If you meet a woman in a bar from Old Street. How do you go back with her to your appartement located in Chiswick? If you live in Chiswick, there is no real places to pick up women after […]

The 10 worst countries to meet a woman – 2014 -

Here is my 10 worst countries to meet a woman in the west. – Edition 2014 – (work in progress) 1. USA 2. Netherlands 3. Spain, Canada 4. Belgium, France 5. Uk, Germany 6. Switzerland 7. Italy High Men competition? Men Bashing level? Inaccessibility High Expectations of men? TOTAL RANK USA 4 4 4,5 4,5 […]

should we pick up women at the beach on holidays?

cute women's back in bikini at the beachFirst of all, you have to determine early in which country or place you want to go on holiday. If you choose a country from the western world (north america, Europe, Israel), here is the strategy. Once you know it you can subscribe to an online dating website like meetic or match. You will then […]

Stereotypes on Girls seduction

We met lots of guys saying picking up a woman is easy. They consider themselves as seduction masters. We also saw lots of things in the media saying seducing women was an easy task. Women seduction suffers from a high number of stereotypes. A young man will systematically be misled because he is in contact […]